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Product Name:PICWave

Product No:171812-410
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Last update:2012.12.10
Manufacturer:Wavelab Scientific Sole Distributor of ZEMAX Optical Design Software in Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand
   Product Details

PICWave:A Photonic IC,Laser Diode and SOA Simulator

What is PICWAVE?

PICWave is a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and laser diode/SOA simulator capable of modelling both passive and active components efficiently using a time-domain method. It includes a detailed multi-modal SOA model. 

The simulator is ideal for studying the interaction of optical components in a larger circuit, which can include passive components, DBR gratings, SOAs, modulators (QCSE and silicon), photodiodes, RLC circuits etc. You can find the detail of PICWave's modelling capabilities here.

PICwave can model devices that are even metres in length. It can for example model a 2mm diameter ring resonator in a very short time to resolutions of a few MHz in optical frequency. 

Note: PICWave supersedes Photon Design's laser diode modelling tool i-CLADISS which is now obsolete. 

Application:Mode Hopping In A Fabry-Perot Laser

Simulation with PICWave software

This example shows how PICWave can be used for the simulation of mode hopping in a Fabry-Perot laser diode.

Current is increased steadily from 0mA to 100mA in 20ns. Top plot is the optical output power. The middle plot is the mode gain giving an indication of the carrier density. The lower plot shows the time-evolving spectrum. The shifting mode frequencies below threshold can be seen until lasing locks the carrier density. Mode hops are accompanied by a temporary chaotic phase. Because of spatial hole burning the gain (middle plot) decreases gradually with increasing optical power.

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